Error: Failed to send data by channels – post message failed

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转自: In LoadRunner or Performance Center 11.00, during the middle of a running a scenario or load test, the LR Controller or PC output starts reporting Error: -30935 "Error: Failed to send data by channels – post message failed." and no additional successful transactions are registered for the run. The error occurs on the Load Generator machine(s) when one of the threads under lr_bridge.exe that updates the eve files is not getting enough CPU time slice to be able to send events to the Controller. Enabling an additional flag in the mdrv.dat file on the LG machine will maintain the read and write threads for the eve files on the same main thread, thus allowing it to have all the CPU time needed. To fix this issue : Disable Web Diagnostics for J2EE/.NET. If the behavior remains, go through the next steps. On all of the Load Generator machines where the Vusers are being executed, edit the <LR or PC Installation>\dat\mdrv.dat file by adding the line listed below in bold: [lr_trans_server] ExtPriorityType=transaction_server WINNT_EXT_LIBS=trans_server.dll WIN95_EXT_LIBS=trans_server.dll LibCfgFunc=TransactionServer_configure GetLoaderInterfaceFunc=get_ts_interface AddLoaderClientInterfaceFunc=add_ts_client_interface GetLoaderCommandLine=trans_server_extra_ext Loader=1 ExtMessageQueue=0 SecurityMode=On ExtCmdLineOverwrite=-eve_thread_run_on_main_thread Save the changes in the mdrv.dat file then re-run the load test. 查找了网上的解决方案: 把controller中的Diagnotics-configure-Web Page Diagnotics默认的Enable关掉,之前报错的接口压测正常了

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