I might as well have them

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Lesson 18 He often does thisFirst listen and then answer the question.What has happened to the writer's bag?After I'd had lunch at a village pub.I looked for my bag.I had left it on a chair beside the door.And now it was not there.As i was looking for it the land lord came in.Did you have a good meal? He asked.Yes, thank you. i answered, but i can't pay the bill.I haven't got my bag.The land lord smiled and immediately went out.In a few minutes he returned with my bag and gave it back to me.I'm very sorry, he said.My dog has[had] taken it to the garden.He often does this. Lesson 19 Sold outFirst listen and then answer the question.When will the writer see the play?The play may begin at any moment, i said.It may have begun already, Susan answered.I hurried to the ticket office.May i have two tickets please? i asked.I am sorry, we[we've] sold out, the girl said.What a pity, Susan explained[exclaimed].Just then a man hurried to the ticket office.Can i return these two tickets? he asked.Certainly, the girl said.I went back to the ticket office at once.Could i have those two ticket please? i asked.Certainly, the girl said.But there is a next one day for performance.[But they are for next Wednesday's performance.]Do you still want them?Am i have to will have them?[I might as well have them,] i said sadly.