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Smarty - 下载 Download 下载 Note: The Smarty Template Engine requires PHP Version 4.0.6 or later. 注意:Smarty模板引擎要求PHP 4.0.6或更高版本。 Latest Stable Release 最新稳定版本 Smarty 2.6.18 Source March 7th, 2007 Previous Releases 过去的版本 Smarty 2.6.17 Source March 5th, 2007 Smarty 2.6.16 Source Dec 1st, 2006 Smarty 2.6.15 Source Nov 30th, 2006 Smarty 2.6.14 Source May 28th, 2006 Smarty 2.6.13 Source March 9th, 2006 Smarty 2.6.12 Source January 18th, 2006 Smarty 2.6.11 Source December 14th, 2005 Smarty 2.6.10 Source August 5th, 2005 Smarty 2.6.9 Source March 31st, 2005 Smarty 2.6.8 Source March 21st, 2005 Smarty 2.6.7 Source February 3rd, 2005 Smarty 2.6.6 Source October 13th, 2004 Smarty 2.6.5 Source September 13th, 2004 Smarty 2.6.4 Source September 7th, 2004 Smarty 2.6.3 Source June 16th, 2004 Smarty 2.6.2 Source February 17th, 2004 CVS Version CVS版本 Alternatively, you can get the latest and greatest version of Smarty directly from the PHP CVS server. 此外,可以直接从PHP的CVS服务器获取更新更多的Smarty版本。 Log in to the PHP anonymous CVS server (use phpfi as the password): 登录PHP的匿名CVS服务器(使用phpfi作为密码): cvs -d login To obtain the current (unstable) Smarty tree: 获取当前(非稳定)Smarty树 cvs -d co smarty To obtain a past release of Smarty: 获取Smarty过去的版本 cvs -d co -r Smarty_2_6_18 smarty The following are valid cvs tags to checkout various versions of Smarty: 下列是检出Smarty各种版本时有效的cvs标记: Smarty_2_6_18, Smarty_2_6_17, Smarty_2_6_16, Smarty_2_6_15, Smarty_2_6_14, Smarty_2_6_13, Smarty_2_6_12, Smarty_2_6_11, Smarty_2_6_10, Smarty_2_6_9, Smarty_2_6_8, Smarty_2_6_7, Smarty_2_6_6, Smarty_2_6_5, Smarty_2_6_4, Smarty_2_6_3, Smarty_2_6_2, Smarty_2_6_1, Smarty_2_6_0, Smarty_2_6_0_RC3, Smarty_2_6_0_RC2, Smarty_2_6_0_RC1, Smarty_2_5_0, Smarty_2_5_0_RC2, Smarty_2_5_0_RC1, Smarty_2_4_2, Smarty_2_4_1, Smarty_2_4_0, Smarty_2_3_1, Smarty_2_3_0, Smarty_2_2_0, Smarty_2_1_1, Smarty_2_1_0, Smarty_2_0_1, Smarty_1_5_2, Smarty_1_5_1, Smarty_1_5_0, Smarty_1_4_6, Smarty_1_4_5, Smarty_1_4_4, Smarty_1_4_3, Smarty_1_4_2, Smarty_1_4_1. You can browse the CVS Repository with your web browser here. 可以通过浏览器在此处浏览CVS仓库。 Documentation 文档 For documentation downloads, please visit our documentation downloads page. 下载文档请访问文档下载页面。 [Smarty - 官方网站] [Smarty - 下载地址] 当前版本 2.6.18, 全部列表, [Smarty - 相关论坛] [Smarty - 关键词] smarty [Smarty - Manual手册] 借助cycle实现循环输出值, Smarty的cat函数, Smarty的upper函数, [Smarty - Manual手册 - Chapter 3. Basic Syntax第3章 基础语法] Comments注释, Math数学运算, [Smarty - Manual手册 - Chapter 5. Variable Modifiers第5章 变量修饰符] cat将值连接到给定变量之后, upper将字符串转换成大写字母, escape转义修饰符, [Smarty - Manual手册 - Chapter 7. Built-in Functions内建函数] {foreach},{foreachelse}, {strip}在显示之前删除每行前后多余的空格和回车字符, [Smarty - Manual手册 - Chapter 8. Custom Functions第8章 自定义函数] {assign}用于在模板执行过程中设置模板变量, {counter}计数器, [Smarty - Manual手册 - 第13章 Smarty类方法] register_function()动态注册模板函数插件, assign_by_ref()按引用赋值,

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