HDU Eddy's digital Roots

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Eddy's digital Roots Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 3947    Accepted Submission(s): 2207 Problem Description The digital root of a positive integer is found by summing the digits of the integer. If the resulting value is a single digit then that digit is the digital root. If the resulting value contains two or more digits, those digits are summed and the process is repeated. This is continued as long as necessary to obtain a single digit. For example, consider the positive integer 24. Adding the 2 and the 4 yields a value of 6. Since 6 is a single digit, 6 is the digital root of 24. Now consider the positive integer 39. Adding the 3 and the 9 yields 12. Since 12 is not a single digit, the process must be repeated. Adding the 1 and the 2 yeilds 3, a single digit and also the digital root of 39. The Eddy's easy problem is that : give you the n,want you to find the n^n's digital Roots.   Input The input file will contain a list of positive integers n, one per line. The end of the input will be indicated by an integer value of zero. Notice:For each integer in the input n(n<10000).   Output Output n^n's digital root on a separate line of the output.   Sample Input 2 4 0   Sample Output 4 4   分析 : 用所谓的九余定理:一个正整数对9的余数等于其digits的和对9的余数。 设整数为:abcdef 则 :(abcdef)%9 = (a*10^5 + b*10^4 + c*10^3 + d*10^2 + e*10 + f)%9                     ......... .=((a*10^5)%9 + (b*10^4)%9 + (c*10^3)%9 + (d*10^2)%9 + (e*10)%9 + f%9)%9     ...........................=(a%9 + b%9+c%9+d%9+e%9+f%9)%9 ...............................=(a+b+c+d+e+f)%9 代码 :

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