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702. View the Exhibit and examine the parameter settings in your server-side parameter file (SPFILE). When you tried to start the database instance, you received the following error:   Why did the instance fail to start? A.Because the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET parameter is not set B.Because the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to BASIC C.Because MEMORY_TARGET and MEMORY_MAX_TARGET cannot be equal D.Because both the SGA_TARGET and MEMORY_TARGET parameters are set. Answer: D  答案解析: 参考:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25494/memory.htm#ADMIN11207 以下实验说明SGA_TARGET and MEMORY_TARGET可以同时set,而从官方文档看出STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter must be set to TYPICAL (the default) or ALL 故这道题的答案D是错误的,正确应该为B Setting SGA Target Size You enable the automatic shared memory management feature by setting the SGA_TARGET parameter to a nonzero value. This parameter sets the total size of the SGA. It replaces the parameters that control the memory allocated for a specific set of individual components, which are now automatically and dynamically resized (tuned) as needed. Note: The STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter must be set to TYPICAL (the default) or ALL for automatic shared memory management to function.   [[email protected] ~]$ oerr ora 824 00824, 00000, "cannot set SGA_TARGET or MEMORY_TARGET due to existing internal settings" // *Cause: Could not set SGA_TARGET or MEMORY_TARGET due to current parameter settings. // *Action: Check the other error messages for additional information. [email protected]> alter system set memory_target=1210M scope=spfile; System altered. [email protected]> alter system set sga_target=500M scope=spfile; System altered. [email protected]> shutdown immediate; Database closed. Database dismounted. ORACLE instance shut down. [email protected]> startup ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 1269366784 bytes Fixed Size                  2227984 bytes Variable Size             805306608 bytes Database Buffers          452984832 bytes Redo Buffers                8847360 bytes Database mounted. Database opened. [email protected]> show parameter target  NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------ archive_lag_target                   integer     0 db_flashback_retention_target        integer     1440 fast_start_io_target                 integer     0 fast_start_mttr_target               integer     0 memory_max_target                    big integer 1216M memory_target                        big integer 1216M parallel_servers_target              integer     128 pga_aggregate_target                 big integer 0 sga_target                           big integer 512M [email protected]

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