Standby and suspend on memory

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本篇文章主要介绍了"Standby and suspend on memory",主要涉及到Standby and suspend on memory方面的内容,对于Standby and suspend on memory感兴趣的同学可以参考一下。 CPU frequency scalingStandby and suspend on memorySleep on idleDynamic tickHibernation on media The Linux power management subsystem shows a unified sysfs interface to userspace.The interface exists in /sys/power/ directory. The file: /sys/power/state controls the system power state.A reading from this file, will return what states are supported, which are hard-coded to: standby (Power-On Suspend),mem (Power-On Suspend-to-RAM)disk (Power-Off Suspend-to-Disk) To add the standby and suspend on memory support in the kernel it is necessary to enable: Power management option ---> Power management support Power management option ---> Suspend to RAM and standby To enter in standby type on the available target: target# echo -n standby > /sys/pm/state To enter in suspend on memory type on the available target: target# echo -n mem > /sys/pm/state Bibliography Linux Symposium 2002: The Linux Kernel Device ModelLinux Symposium 2003: Linux Kernel Power ManagementLinux Symposium 2005: The sysfs FilesystemLinux Symposium 2008: Suspend-to-RAM in LinuxLinux Kernel Weekly: A new suspend/hibernate infrastructure