scons是如何处理 -C和 --site-dir

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本篇文章主要介绍了"scons是如何处理 -C和 --site-dir",主要涉及到scons是如何处理 -C和 --site-dir方面的内容,对于scons是如何处理 -C和 --site-dir感兴趣的同学可以参考一下。

/usr/bin/scons --debug=pdb -j4 -C /your/project/dir --site-dir=/yours/scons/site_scons 1. -j4 表示同时可以并行4个job 2. -C scons在做任何事情之前,先转到-C指定的目录,这会使得scons首先会在/your/project/dir目录下面找SConstruct文件去执行 3. --site-dir 会使得scons在执行自己的SConstruct文件之前,先执行/yours/scons/site_scons目录下的 SCons/Script/ 使得你自己的site被加载到上下文中,并且将site追加到PYTHONPATH中: def _load_site_scons_dir(topdir, site_dir_name=None): """Load the site_scons dir under topdir. Adds site_scons to sys.path, imports site_scons/, and adds site_scons/site_tools to default toolpath.""" if site_dir_name: err_if_not_found = True # user specified: err if missing else: site_dir_name = "site_scons" err_if_not_found = False site_dir = os.path.join(topdir.path, site_dir_name) if not os.path.exists(site_dir): if err_if_not_found: raise SCons.Errors.UserError("site dir %s not found."%site_dir) return site_init_filename = "" site_init_modname = "site_init" site_tools_dirname = "site_tools" sys.path = [os.path.abspath(site_dir)] + sys.path site_init_file = os.path.join(site_dir, site_init_filename) site_tools_dir = os.path.join(site_dir, site_tools_dirname) if os.path.exists(site_init_file): import imp # TODO(2.4): turn this into try:-except:-finally: try: try: fp, pathname, description = imp.find_module(site_init_modname, [site_dir]) # Load the file into SCons.Script namespace. This is # opaque and clever; m is the module object for the # SCons.Script module, and the exec ... in call executes a # file (or string containing code) in the context of the # module's dictionary, so anything that code defines ends # up adding to that module. This is really short, but all # the error checking makes it longer. try: m = sys.modules['SCons.Script'] except Exception, e: fmt = 'cannot import missing SCons.Script module %s' raise SCons.Errors.InternalError(fmt % repr(e)) try: # This is the magic. exec fp in m.__dict__ except KeyboardInterrupt: raise except Exception, e: fmt = '*** Error loading site_init file %s:\n' sys.stderr.write(fmt % repr(site_init_file)) raise except KeyboardInterrupt: raise except ImportError, e: fmt = '*** cannot import site init file %s:\n' sys.stderr.write(fmt % repr(site_init_file)) raise finally: if fp: fp.close() if os.path.exists(site_tools_dir): SCons.Tool.DefaultToolpath.append(os.path.abspath(site_tools_dir))SCons/Script/SConsript.py使得SConstruct文件在当前上下文中被执行: # Append the SConscript directory to the beginning # of sys.path so Python modules in the SConscript # directory can be easily imported. sys.path = [ f.dir.get_abspath() ] + sys.path # This is the magic line that actually reads up # and executes the stuff in the SConscript file. # The locals for this frame contain the special # bottom-of-the-stack marker so that any # exceptions that occur when processing this # SConscript can base the printed frames at this # level and not show SCons internals as well. call_stack[-1].globals.update({stack_bottom:1}) old_file = call_stack[-1].globals.get('__file__') try: del call_stack[-1].globals['__file__'] except KeyError: pass try: try: exec _file_ in call_stack[-1].globals except SConscriptReturn: pass finally: if old_file is not None: call_stack[-1].globals.update({__file__:old_file})