u Calculate e hdu 1012

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u Calculate e Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 24888    Accepted Submission(s): 11072 Problem Description A simple mathematical formula for e is where n is allowed to go to infinity. This can actually yield very accurate approximations of e using relatively small values of n.   Output Output the approximations of e generated by the above formula for the values of n from 0 to 9. The beginning of your output should appear similar to that shown below.   Sample Output n e - ----------- 0 1 1 2 2 2.5 3 2.666666667 4 2.708333333   Source Greater New York 2000   Recommend JGShining     很水的题目,分类就好了     #include<iostream> #include<cstdio> #include<cstring> using namespace std; int main() { int i,j,s,n; int num=0; double e; int a[10]={1,1,2,6,24,120,720,5040,40320,362880}; printf("n e\n"); printf("- -----------\n"); while(num<=9) { printf("%d ",num); e=0; for(i=0;i<=num;i++) { e=e+1/(a[i]*1.0); } if(num==0) printf("1\n"); else if(num==1) printf("2\n"); else if(num==2) printf("2.5\n"); else if(num>2) printf("%.9lf\n",e); num++; } return 0; }      

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