What things is chaos can't change?

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Chaos or the sensitive dependence on initial condition can result in very different outcome given a almost same initial condition. A well-known example is butterfly effect. Chaos has excellent ability to change things, but something should be immune from it. Intuitively, the things should be systems in some kinds of scaling. That is, if a forest be this system, then this scaling does not denote a flower blooms two or three, it denotes the behaivor of that system: some species proportion in this forest increases very high in relative short time. Human-beings live on earth so many years and environment is relative invariable, at least no extreme shift. A molecule's shift can't shift global climate; a plant's cutting can't shift whole forest; a individual's behavior can't change climate of society; Economics has been separated into macro part and micro part. It seems system's robust is dominant by something else power, may be emergence. However there is no proof because it is impossible, but i think i am guessing right. I think a system run on a computer, introducing chaos feature will not lead system's crush. Only one situation need to be considerate: the scaling of that system, include components and final effects