RosAsm v2.036d by René Tournois a.k.a. Betov

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Description:IDE with full integration of all components. RosAsm is auto-compilable and the Sources are hosted inside the PEs. No installation overhead (the silent auto-install coming with makes RosAsm the only actual Click&Go Assembler environment). Real Sources Editor with tons of unique features, specificaly devoted to secure editions and to huge mono-files assembly sources: Tree-view, instant jump to any type of declaration by simple right-click, division of the mono-files into TITLEs, advanced IncIncluder pre-parser, and so on... The fastest of the actual assemblers, (1.5 Mega/second on a Celeron 1.3 Ghz...) directly outputting PE files on a simple click, with a powerful macros system (a macros unfolder is available by a double-click, through a float menu). Simplified Intel syntax. Does not need any include, prototype or header companion file. Nothing but a single simple source. Complete implementation of the mnemonics set, up to SSE2. RosAsm Bottom-Up Assembler is a true low level Assembler, enabling HLL writing styles by user defined macros and/or by HLL pre-parsers selections. Source level Debugger with a state-of-the-art memory inspector and very advanced features, like the dynamic break-points, that can be set/removed by simple clicks, as well as at write-time and/or at run-time, like with the most advanced HLLs. To run the Debugger, You simply click on Run and your application is running through the debugger. Any error (or break-point, enabling advanced stepping modes) is pointed out directly in your source code. Accurate messages are delivered on errors cases. Disassembler. To date, RosAsm is the one and only two-clicks-disassembler-reassembler ever seen. It is, actually, fully effective on most small files and on many middle size applications: The dream tool for study and/or for porting your works to assembly. Original Resources Editors, with control of matching styles, outputting as well resources, files, and memory templates. Integrated Help system, with a complete 32 bits Assembly Tutorials, Opcode help, and RosAsm Manual (1.5 mega of documentation, grouping close to 600 organised rtf files). Clip file system, for templates reuse. Integrated OS Equates, and Structures files, saving from any boring include. ... and much more...