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ORA-3113 "end of file on communication channel" 今天用PL/SQL Developer 登陆数据库的时候报的此错误 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 经查看信息为: Error: ORA 3113 Text: end-of-file on communication channel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause: An unexpected end-of-file was processed on the communication channel. The problem could not be handled by the SQL*Net, two task, software. This message could occur if the shadow two-task process associated with a SQL*Net connect has terminated abnormally, or if there is a physical failure of the interprocess communication vehicle, that is, the network or server machine went down. Action: If this message occurs during a connection attempt, check the setup files for the appropriate SQL*net driver and confirm SQL*Net software is correctly installed on the server. If the message occurs after a connection is well established, and the error is not due to a physical failure, check if a trace file was generated on the server at failure time. Existence of a trace file may suggest an Oracle internal error that requires the assistance of customer support. *** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See Note:22080.1 Explanation: There are numerous causes of this error. It is a 'catch all' type error which means 'I cannot communicate with the oracle shadow process'. This usually occurs when the Oracle server process has died for some reason. Diagnosis: Oracle support need more information to determine what caused the error. The most useful items are: 1) Does this occur when trying to (a) make a connection to the database or (b) on an established connection ? 2) There should be a trace file from the failed session in USER_DUMP_DEST 3) Does a particular statement reproduce this problem or is it random ? Use SQL_TRACE on the session to find the problem statement. Articles: ORA-3113 on Unix - What Information to Collect Note:17613.1 DIAGNOSING ORA-3113 ERRORS Note:1020463.6 http://www.itpub.net/thread-124145-1-1.html 偶的问题出现在:网络不稳定。

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