XOOM 连接 wpa2 enterprise 网络 …

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XOOM 连接 wpa2 enterprise 网络 解决方法: 参考文章:https://forums.motorola.com/posts/90de5e9ea2 Step 1: Obtain WiFi ACE(WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor) Download and install the WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor from the Market on your device. Step 2: Create new wireless connection Go to Settings > Wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings Turn on Wi-Fi then click Add Wi-Fi network Use the following settings: Network SSID – Your_SSID_Name Security - 802.1X EAP or 802.1X Enterprise EAP method - PEAP Phase 2 authentications - MSCHAPV2 Enter your Windows login ID and password, then click Save. Once this network is saved, you will see two networks labeled Your_SSID_Name. If your device continually tries and fails to connect proceed to step 3. Step 3: Editing the wireless configuration Open WiFi ACE and select the Your_SSID_Name network, then Key Management. De-select (remove check) WPA_EAP Step 4: Restarting the wireless radio Exit WiFi ACE and go back to the wireless settings screen. Turn off wireless then back on, you should see your device starting to connect to Your_SSID_Name. Once connected, you will still see two networks named Your_SSID_Name. FYI: By selecting the Connected network you can get a detailed display of your current signal status. Step 5: Changing your password (sometimes requires re-entry to connect) Open WiFi ACE and go to Enterprise Configuration and enter your new (current) windows login password.

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