oracle 等待事件查询

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本篇文章主要介绍了"oracle 等待事件查询",主要涉及到oracle 等待事件查询方面的内容,对于oracle 等待事件查询感兴趣的同学可以参考一下。

from sys "/as sysdba" 下执行 select s.inst_id, s.indx sid, s.ksussseq seq#, e.kslednam event, e.ksledp1 p1text, s.ksussp1 p1, s.ksussp1r p1raw, e.ksledp2 p2text, s.ksussp2 p2, s.ksussp2r p2raw, e.ksledp3 p3text, s.ksussp3 p3, s.ksussp3r p3raw, s.ksusstim wait_time, s.ksusewtm seconds_in_wait, decode(s.ksusstim, 0, 'WAITING', -2, 'WAITED UNKNOWN TIME', -1, 'WAITED SHORT TIME', 'WAITED KNOWN TIME') state from x$ksusecst s, x$ksled e where bitand(s.ksspaflg, 1) != 0 and bitand(s.ksuseflg, 1) != 0 and s.ksussseq != 0 and s.ksussopc = e.indx and e.kslednam not in ('pmon timer', 'VKTM Logical Idle Wait', 'VKTM Init Wait for GSGA', 'IORM Scheduler Slave Idle Wait', 'rdbms ipc message', 'i/o slave wait', 'VKRM Idle', 'wait for unread message on broadcast channel', 'wait for unread message on multiple broadcast channels', 'class slave wait', 'KSV master wait', 'PING', 'watchdog main loop', 'DIAG idle wait', 'ges remote message', 'gcs remote message', 'heartbeat monitor sleep', 'SGA: MMAN sleep for component shrink', 'MRP redo arrival', 'LNS ASYNC archive log', 'LNS ASYNC dest activation', 'LNS ASYNC end of log', 'simulated log write delay', 'LGWR real time apply sync', 'parallel recovery slave idle wait', 'LogMiner builder: idle', 'LogMiner builder: branch', 'LogMiner preparer: idle', 'LogMiner reader: log (idle)', 'LogMiner reader: redo (idle)', 'LogMiner client: transaction', 'LogMiner: other', 'LogMiner: activate', 'LogMiner: reset', 'LogMiner: find session', 'LogMiner: internal', 'Logical Standby Apply Delay', 'parallel recovery coordinator waits for slave cleanup', 'parallel recovery control message reply', 'parallel recovery slave next change', 'PX Deq: Txn Recovery Start', 'PX Deq: Txn Recovery Reply', 'fbar timer', 'smon timer', 'PX Deq: Metadata Update', 'Space Manager: slave idle wait', 'PX Deq: Index Merge Reply', 'PX Deq: Index Merge Execute', 'PX Deq: Index Merge Close', 'PX Deq: kdcph_mai', 'PX Deq: kdcphc_ack', 'shared server idle wait', 'dispatcher timer', 'cmon timer', 'pool server timer', 'JOX Jit Process Sleep', 'jobq slave wait', 'pipe get', 'PX Deque wait', 'PX Idle Wait', 'PX Deq: Join ACK', 'PX Deq Credit: need buffer', 'PX Deq Credit: send blkd', 'PX Deq: Msg Fragment', 'PX Deq: Parse Reply', 'PX Deq: Execute Reply', 'PX Deq: Execution Msg', 'PX Deq: Table Q Normal', 'PX Deq: Table Q Sample', 'Streams fetch slave: waiting for txns', 'Streams: waiting for messages', 'Streams capture: waiting for archive log', 'single-task message', 'SQL*Net message from client', 'SQL*Net vector message from client', 'SQL*Net vector message from dblink', 'PL/SQL lock timer', 'Streams AQ: emn coordinator idle wait', 'EMON slave idle wait', 'Streams AQ: waiting for messages in the queue', 'Streams AQ: waiting for time management or cleanup tasks', 'Streams AQ: delete acknowledged messages', 'Streams AQ: deallocate messages from Streams Pool', 'Streams AQ: qmn coordinator idle wait', 'Streams AQ: qmn slave idle wait', 'Streams AQ: RAC qmn coordinator idle wait', 'HS message to agent', 'ASM background timer', 'auto-sqltune: wait graph update', 'WCR: replay client notify', 'WCR: replay clock', 'WCR: replay paused', 'JS external job', 'cell worker idle', 'SQL*Net message to client');

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