DAC Informatica Repository Relink

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本篇文章主要介绍了"DAC Informatica Repository Relink",主要涉及到DAC Informatica Repository Relink方面的内容,对于DAC Informatica Repository Relink感兴趣的同学可以参考一下。

DAC RepositoryRelink Step1:Open theDAC client and click the button ‘Configure’ Step 2:Selectthe ‘Modify Connection’ and click ‘Next’       Step 3: Setthe information of the DAC repository (DAC Client will connect the repository)and ‘Apply’ Step 4: GOto the DAC server and set the server Configuration by‘serverSetupPrompt.sh’(serverSetupPrompt.shusually in DAC server HOME_PATH) and the setting info is the same with Step 3. Step 5:Restart the DAC service, then the DAC Repository Relink is completed successfully.  . ./config.sh nohup ./startserver.sh 2>&1 & InformaticaRepositoryRelink Step 1:Start the informatica service then go to the inforamtica console page and loginas Administrator. Step 2: Editthe repositorydatabase info (the new repository info) Step 3: Goto the repository DB, and update the table’OPB_REPOSIT’. Set the column ‘REPOSIT_NAME’as the Repository_service name that the step 2 had been edited Step 4:Restart the informatica service, and the relink is completed.  

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