Balanced Binary Tree

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本篇文章主要介绍了"Balanced Binary Tree",主要涉及到Balanced Binary Tree方面的内容,对于Balanced Binary Tree感兴趣的同学可以参考一下。

Given a binary tree, determine if it is height-balanced. For this problem, a height-balanced binary tree is defined as a binary tree in which the depth of the two subtrees ofevery node never differ by more than 1. bool isBalanced(TreeNode *root) { if (root == NULL) return true; if (abs(getDepth(root->left) - getDepth(root->right)) > 1) return false; return isBalanced(root->left) && isBalanced(root->right); } int getDepth(TreeNode *root){ if (root == NULL) return 0; return max(getDepth(root->left), getDepth(root->right)) + 1; }

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