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QUESTION 51 Which option is best practice for creating a recovery catalog owner in the catalog database? A. Granting UNLIMITED QUOTA on the SYSTEM tablespace to theowner B. Allocating the SYSTEM tablespace as the default tablespace and granting the SYSDBA privilege to the user C. Creating a new tablespace, allocating this as the default, and granting UNLIMITED QUOTA on this tablespace to the user D. Allocating the SYSAUX tablespace as the default tablespace and granting UNLIMITED QUOTA on this tablespace to the user Answer: C 同629题:http://blog.csdn.net/rlhua/article/details/13277863 Explanation/Reference: Section: Backup, Recovery & Recovery Manager (RMAN) SQL> CREATE USER vpc1 IDENTIFIED BY password 2 DEFAULT TABLESPACE vpcusers 3 QUOTA UNLIMITED ON vpcusers; http://www.dba-oracle.com/real_application_clusters_rac_grid/recovery_catalog.html The RMAN schema owner is created in the RMAN database using the following steps: 1. Start SQL*Plus and connect as a user with administrator privileges to the database containing the recovery catalog: CONNECT SYS/oracle@catdb AS SYSDBA 2. Create a user and schema for the recovery catalog. For example, enter: CREATE USER rman IDENTIFIED BY cat TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp DEFAULT TABLESPACE tools QUOTA UNLIMITED ON tools; 3. Grant the recovery_catalog_owner role to the user. This role provides all of the privileges required to maintain and query the recovery catalog: SQL> GRANT RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER TO rman; Once the owner user is created, the RMAN recovery catalog schema can be added: 1. Connect to the database that contains the catalog owner. For example, using the RMAN user from the above example, enter the following from the operating system command line. The use of the CATALOG keyword tells Oracle this database contains the repository: % rman CATALOG rman/cat@catdb 2. It is also possible to connect from the RMAN utility prompt: % rman RMAN> CONNECT CATALOG rman/cat@catdb 3. Now, the CREATE CATALOG command can be run tocreate the catalog. The creation of the catalog may take several minutes. If the catalog tablespace is this user's default tablespace, the command would look like the following: CREATE CATALOG; Each database that the catalog will track must be registered. 1. Make sure the recovery catalog database is open. 2. Connect RMAN to both the target database and recovery catalog database. For example, with a catalog database of RMANDB and user RMAN, owner of the catalog schema, and the target database, AULT1, which is the database to be backed up, database user SYS would issue: % rman TARGET sys/oracle@ault1 CATALOG rman/cat@rmandb 3. Once connected, if the target database is not mounted, it should be opened or mounted: RMAN> STARTUP; --or--RMAN> STARTUP MOUNT; 4. If this target database has not been registered, it should be registered in the connected recovery catalog: RMAN> REGISTER DATABASE;